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We invite you to try our contemporary and elegant hairstyles. Our main focus is to make our clients feel comfortable with a look that suits them and their personality.

In fact we choose our cutting techniques based on lifestyle: from dry cuts for people who like sharp ends, wet cuts for blunt layers with full shiny blow-dries, to damp haircuts for texture and volume suitable for clients that want to emphasise their natural hair without the need for blow-drying.

Up-dos and bridal

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We enjoy styling long hair for various occasions. Why not have An elegant Chignon for a ball? Maybe 1950’s waves for a glamorous event? Or styles for a 1960’s-70’s fancy dress party?

But definitely you will want to look your best on the most beautiful unforgettable day of your life: your wedding day!

On this wonderful event an expert will help you choose the right lovely, soft and romantic style to compliment your fabulous dress.

Colour and highlights

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We provide low-ammonia colour, or zero ammonia colour, depending on our client’s needs, attaining the right shade of browns, blondes and reds.

Our guides are skin tones, eyebrow and eye colour, as well as the client’s personal taste. We believe that more shading of highlights results in a better natural colour.

Using different types of bleach helps clients choose the best treatment for them, in fact our Vero Pak Joico lightening crème contains oils which respect the structure of your hair, resulting in soft and luminous blondes.

Every colourist knows that the secret to achieving perfect results starts with healthy hair, which is why Goldwell has introduced Colorance, its first semi permanent colour that actively repairs the structure of damaged hair by up to 35 % *. Launched to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the original Colorance range, the new improved product leaves hair strong, shiny and full of vitality - as well as beautifully coloured. The secret ingredient is IntraLipid; a patented technology developed by a team of 2,000 researchers to repair hair from the inside out. Healthy hair is the optimum starting point for vibrant, lasting colour, but achieving this flawless condition requires a perfect balance of lipids. Chemicals, mechanical processes and environmental factors can strip the hair of these lipids, causing a flat, brittle and dull appearance, which can hinder the application and appearance of colour. Goldwell's IntraLipid replenishes lipids to the hair core, ensuring optimum condition and dramatically improved colour results.

There are three services in the Colorance range: Colour Infuse is the core service, providing the ability to create a huge range of results; Express Toning can be used after lightening, highlighting or highlighting to perfect and refine blonde; and the third service is Cover Plus, which provides up to 75% grey coverage, restoring a youthful appearance and adding softness and shine for perfectly natural-looking hair.
*Compared to leading competitors within the professional market. Tests conducted by an independent institute based on scientific measurements, Germany 2010.

These are very popular services in our salon as we understand our client’s busy lifestyles, which is why all our services are carried out by very experienced stylists, able to provide colour treatments quickly and with excellent results.

Hair Dreams – The art of hair extensions

hairdreams hair extensionsThe decisive pre-requisite for attractive, natural-looking hair extensions is optimal quality of both the hair used and the extension system – typical characteristics of Hair Dreams.

Using real hair exclusively, Hair Dreams impresses with healthy, gleaming gloss; brilliant, lasting colours and natural elasticity. For more information please visit




Hair Salon Products

K. Pak Therapy Joico
K. Pak Therapy

The ultimate in healthy hair and long lasting chemical service result. Containing amino acids and quadramine complex increasing levels of natural hydrolysed hair Keratin protein. For more information please visit

Moroccan Oil Treatment

Moroccan Oil Treatment This treatment is created to enhance healthier hair after just one application. It contains Argan Oil, a remarkable gift from nature growing only in southwest Morocco, rich in Vitamin E, natural Tocopherols, a free radical neutraliser and powerful anti-oxidant to help condition and improve hair elasticity. For more information please visit


Fudge has always been about self-expression, creativity, innovation and invention. Whether we are speaking to a Salon or a Fudge consumer, we are asking that they make a choice not to conform, but to be creative and imaginative, to express their individuality and to be… anti-ordinary. For more information please visit

Keratin Complex


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  • Formaldehyde free
  • Fully compliant with all UK EU regulations
  • Frizz control for 8-12 weeks
  • Odourless and no eye irritation
  • Contains highest natural Keratin
  • content of any smoothing treatment
  • Activates at a lower temperature
  • Reduced application time
  • Safe for both client and operator

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